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2nd Annual Community Day!

On May 24th we will celebrate the 2nd Annual Community Day. Join with your neighbors to enjoy music, storytelling, art making and receive helpful tips and safety information from the Hondo Fire Department, who will bring their truck for all to enjoy. We will also host The Santa Fe Animal Shelter to offer you an opportunity to adopt and save a pet. There will be cooking demonstrations to feed your mind and body from Chef Fernando Olea of Epazote, Aline Fourier, Bill Zunkel of Tea Chileno and Beneficial Farms, along with storytelling by Regina Ress and La Farge Library Children's librarian Walter Cook. In addition, there will be Healing Arts lectures by Rand Lee, Inspire Chiropractic and Science &Holistic Enterprises as well as opportunities to meet your neighbors and learn about the many fine organization in our corner of Santa Fe. Venue: Hillside 86B Old Las Vegas hwy (near El Gancho) Event: 10:00am - 4:00pm

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 Epazote on the Hillside

Hillside and Chef Fernando Olea of Epazote are proud to announce their most recent creation of Epazote on the Hillside. Fusing the natural ambiance of Hillside's greenhouse with the Chef's light healthful fare has created a unique Santa Fe experience. Beginning  Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2014, Chef Olea will entice you with his new luncheon menu, with heart delights such as cuitlacoche (corn truffles), tuna tartar, and Sweet Symphony desserts - a creamy surprise that awakens your taste buds with a symphony of highs and lows as preludes to an exciting finish.

The whimsical atmosphere of Hillside’s locally created art, the greenhouse's exposed kitchen, and flaming Horno oven provides the perfect setting for a romantic luncheon for two, a ladies day out, or tourists, who would like to spend the afternoon enraptured in the beauty of Santa Fe's new  destination.
In addition to lunch, Epazote on the Hillside is also available to host private parties and catered events, and plans to offer dinner service in the near future.
Chalk board menu available in the coffee house for those on the go.

Lunch Hours:  11:00 am - 2:30 pm
(Closed on Wednesdays)
Lunch Price Range – $12 - $18


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